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Join Our Team!

Why work at Tree City Window Cleaners?

The People

We care a lot about working beside people who are fun, energetic and hard-working. Work isn’t just about what you’re doing, but also who you’re doing it with. We are easy-going and like to have fun while we work, you can expect the same!

The Pay

We believe that your time and labor are valuable assets; we're excited to pay well in exchange for them! Starting at $17/hour without experience, we provide a clear path to raises within the first two months and more to come. This is not a job where you won’t know how well you’re doing, or how to make a bigger paycheck. High performers can easily earn $20+/hour including tips.

Cash Bonuses

We have 4 KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that we monitor performance with. If we have a team that’s streamlined, our customers will be well served, the business will make money, and you will make more with our monthly bonuses.

Work Outside

Boise is such a beautiful city; we feel lucky to work here everyday. Some days we are high above the city on Table Rock Road, along the river and Greenbelt, or cruising from one neighborhood to another. One thing is for sure, you won't be strapped to a desk and the view is always spectacular!

Self Improvement

Self-betterment is a big deal at Tree City. We feel like we should always be pushing to be better–both as people and as a business. You will learn things in this job that will benefit you forever!

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