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  • How much do your services cost?
    A straight answer on pricing is the least you can ask for when making a hiring decision. Of course there are many factors involved in creating an appropriate rate for our services that takes consideration of our customers budget and the amount we will collect to make sure we can keep our small business running efficiently, effectively and growing at a manageable pace! Here are some of the basic factors we consider when pricing our services: -The number of individual window panes on your home. -The terrain and access to each window and rain gutter, especially when using ladders. -The type of window or siding and what level of attention it will need. Generally, window and gutter cleaning projects run anywhere from $150 - $500; of course there are exceptions in either direction of that spread. To simplify this for you, we’ve implemented our handy quoting program that will help you get an estimate in just a few clicks. If you ever have questions about a quote, we’re always here to help over the phone and will gladly make a trip to your home to assess the project in-person if preferred!
  • How often should I use your services?
    Every project is unique, it’s part of what makes our job fun and challenging! Depending on the location of your project and the environmental factors impacting it, we will create a recommended upkeep schedule that is right for you! Here are some broad recommendations based on our professional experiences! Window Cleaning: We suggest window cleaning as often as weekly for businesses, bi-monthly or quarterly for homes in dusty areas and no less than twice per year for any home to prevent hard-water build up. We can help you assess which level of maintenance is best for you based on your preferences, budget and surroundings. Gutter Cleaning: Removing built up leaves, pine needs, stray frisbees and roof sheddings is necessary for most, but not all homes in the City of Trees. Some customers prefer and require just one clean-out per year; in more tree-dense areas, two to three times per-year is the norm. Of course, we are happy to set up our ladders and take photos of each gutter-run for you to help you make an informed decision. We will also test the flow of downspouts and keep an eye out for any areas that may need minor caulking. House Washing and Surface Cleaning: This service is one of the most neglected forms of upkeep in the Treasure Valley. It is easy to overlook the buildup of thick dust, cobwebs, bird-droppings and other unwanted features that tend to “compliment” our home’s exterior features. Nothing is better than seeing life brought back to a home that has accumulated years of pollutants. Aside from keeping unwanted pests at bay, the result of a nice soapy wash is just plain satisfying! Do be aware that some offerings from other house wash providers may not include a proper window cleaning to follow the spraying of water on your home which can easily lead to unbecoming hard water stains. We will ALWAYS leave your home better than we found it and will take every step necessary to maintain the integrity of your windows when we provide house washing services! We recommend washing your home at least once per year!
  • What areas do you serve?
    We think everyone deserves a clean home, and having been born and raised in Idaho, we are no strangers to long treks off the beaten path. We are happy to bring our services anywhere within 75 miles of Boise, but please be aware that we may add on a travel charge for particularly out-of-the way projects; we will even try to alleviate travel charges by pairing your appointment date with others in your area!).
  • How do I know Tree City Window Cleaners is the right fit for my project?
    Aside from years of experience and our genuine love for what we do, we are striving to bring a new reputation to the home service industry. We guarantee all of our work and will be upfront about expectations. If we suspect that a project is out of our scope, we will be honest and provide options of other local professionals who may be better-suited to assist you. When it comes to inviting a stranger into your home or having confidence that they will maintain a professional demeanor and appearance in your business, we believe it is OUR duty to build trust and treat you with all of the respect and privacy you are due.
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