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Add House Washing to Your Spring Cleaning List!

Add House Washing to Your Spring Cleaning List!

House washing with proper solutions and levels of pressure is a fantastic way to brighten up your home for the year! This is a big project and requires some specific know-how to get it done right; here is some helpful information to help you out!

1. Get the Gunk Off

After years of rain and slush, gusts of dust and nest building pests, it’s not uncommon for our homes to take on a bit of a dull appearance. Cobwebs collect dust and seem to concentrate around doorways and fixtures. The pollen of spring blooms coats surfaces all around the property and lends a fuzzy look as it settles in. Luckily with a bit of proper detergent and some mild pressure, your home can bounce back and look fresh again!

2. Good Timing

The best time of the year for house washing is… well, whenever it needs it! Early spring is a common and likely the most preferable season for this project since you’ll be spending more time outside. Much of the pollutants that accumulate on your home occur during the famous Treasure Valley inversions that hang around in the middle of winter as well. We suggest adding this project to your spring cleaning list and possibly in the late fall depending on your location and the amount of pests and growth around your home.

3. Getting the Job Done Safely

As with many projects of this scope, there tends to be more than first meets the eye. “Pressure washing” is a general term for the house washing process, and one that implies blasting water at extreme pressures into your siding until it’s free of buildups. Unfortunately, when done improperly, this is quite damaging and unless proper precautions are taken, will cause more harm than you might imagine. Depending on the type of siding around your home, various detergent products should be applied and allowed time to dwell and break up grime before a relatively gentle rinse is applied to reveal a clean surface. Too much pressure may result in “etching” of stucco or painted surfaces which can be a costly repair. Too little pressure may result in an exacerbation of the soiling through ugly rundowns. Finally, it’s extremely important that your windows are promptly cleaned following a hose wash to avoid hard water stains accumulating on the panes.

Tree City Window Cleaners has cleaned homes of all makes and sizes around the Boise area. We take great pride in our knowledge of the products we apply, how we protect your home during the wash and of course only using product concentrations that are safe for pets and plants. Let us show you what a difference a simple house wash can make for the appearance of your home!

You deserve a clear view; let us show you!

By Joe Curet for Tree City Window Cleaners. February, 2022.


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