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Eco-Friendly Window Cleaning and Power Washing

Window cleaning generally doesn’t strike you as an environmentally harmful process, and luckily that assumption is generally true. However, it is certainly important to ensure the products being used to clean surfaces around your home are degradable and non-damaging to the natural life around your home.

Cleaning Products

Most cleaning products in the window and home washing business, such as Glass Gleam by Titan Laboratories are generally gentle products that are non-damaging to plants and animals. Glass Gleam is partially responsible for the final shine, but also acts as a surfactant during the cleaning process, allowing our squeegee blades to glide easily across the glass.

Another common product used in window cleaning is something most of us already have around our homes, Dawn Dishsoap. Yep, the same soap you use to wash your dishes is often mixed into our buckets to give some sudsy scrubbing action to the process. Dawn has a great reputation for being gentle on skin and animals and is ~90% biodegradable.

For house washing, it is common to use sodium hypochlorite (aka. Bleach or SH) in safe concentrations. When used properly, SH is a safe and effective cleaner that will work hard on mildew and buildup around your home without damaging plant life. We always perform a gentle pre-soak to the plants around your homes perimeter as an extra measure of caution. Any SH based cleaning product that comes in contact with the presoaked plants will easily dribble off and fall to the ground where it degrades.

RO/DI Cleaning

For some projects, we may skip the additional products entirely. A little bit of elbow grease, mild abrasives or carefully applied pressure can go a long way. For example, in our XERO Water Purification system, we turn standard mineralized tap water into a stripped clean final product. After running through a tight charcoal filter, the water is forced through a deionization media that pulls minerals from the water before entering a reverse osmosis chamber to further decontaminate. This water is then used to scrub windows clean before a final rinse which dries without leaving a speck.

SImilarly, when house-washing, it is possible to use a water-only method. Generally less effective than using a soap to assist in the process, water alone at a medium to high pressure can be very effective for cleaning, though this process can be extremely damaging to paints, siding and even hardened concrete if done improperly.

Knowing that the cleaning process around your home won’t be causing more harm than good is paramount. Tree City Window Cleaners is committed to ensuring a safe and eco-friendly cleaning process that remains effective and competitively priced. Call us today to see how we can restore life to your home or storefront!


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