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How to Hire a Window Cleaner

Hiring a professional for any project can be an intimidating process. There are often many factors that go beyond the scope of the physical project that should be considered when making this hiring decision; finding a window cleaner is no exception. Here are a few tips and points to consider when making this decision:

Safety and Reputation

Bringing a stranger into our home may present some risks. We want to know that our guests will show respect to our family, pets and property when they are left unattended to complete their work. One important credential to look for in your home service professionals is proof of liability insurance. It is standard for service companies to carry liability insurance for $1 - $2 million dollars, which may seem excessive, but is a prudent level of coverage when undertaking tasks that could result in damage or injury in worst case scenarios. One great way to see if your prospective service provider will meet your criteria is to read their public reviews. Services like Thumbtack, Angi, and Google provide review pages for local companies. You’ll be able to get a feel for each company in your area and see

which might be the best option based on the quality of these reviews.

Experience and Knowledge

As with most trades, window cleaning is more than the relatively simple process of running a squeegee over a window pane and walking off. Each project requires special consideration to make sure it is completed safely, efficiently and with perfect attention to detail. A great window cleaner will always take a bit of time to educate you on any unique qualities around your home and show you how they plan to ensure nothing is neglected.


As with anything in life, you will get what you pay for in the world of window cleaning. Often, the least expensive options are quick and may be satisfactory for some homeowners, especially early on in a service routine. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the quality of work, safety, communication, and care for property to decrease dramatically when the service provider must focus on working quickly rather than effectively. Conversely, some companies will charge far above industry standards with the lure of extended rain guarantees or special screen cleanings that are unlikely to hold much true value. It’s important to consider each of the promises made to you by a service provider and balance it with your expectations of the final outcome. Fortunately, the Treasure Valley has a number of fantastic window cleaners who are capable of assisting you in your hiring decision!

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, window cleaners tend to be honest and hard working folks who want to see a genuine improvement in your home. Although it’s important to be wary when hiring, there is a great culture of professionalism and cleanliness among window cleaners and you will likely be happy with your final results. Here are 3 final takeaways:

  • Always ask for proof of liability insurance.

  • Have clear expectations and agreements of what will be done and how much you will pay before the work begins.

  • Read public reviews, best and worst, before hiring to know what other consumers in your area have to say! Remember that the quality of reviews is just as important as the total volume of reviews.

You deserve a clear view; let us show you!


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