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3 Easy Steps To Prep Your Home For Winter

Protecting Your Home During Winter

Whether you’ve lived in winter conditions for decades or are a newcomer to Idaho, it’s imperative to take precautions ahead of freezing temperatures to avoid damage to your property as winter sets in. Neglect of just a few simple tasks can lead to flooding, bursting, mold growth and even bodily injury when conditions reach their worst point. Travel on snowy roads and the rush of the holidays create enough bustle at the end of the year, here are a few things you can do to avoid a disaster at home in the middle of it all!

#1 Cleaning Rain Gutters

Throughout the year, debris of all manners makes their way into the rain gutters around your property. Everything from shingle grit, leaves, pine needles and the occasional squeegee toy or baseball manage to settle in roof valleys and progressively work their way to the downspout openings. The relatively simple system designed to shed water from your roof to the ground in a controlled manner is great when functioning as intended, but will turn into a major pain when compromised. When left to the mercy of freeze and thaw cycles, gutter debris buildup often results in:

  • Overburdened, sagging gutters

  • Rotting and decay of fascias and soffits

  • Overflow of rainwater causing staining, puddles and ice patches

Clogged gutters can lead to damage of soffits, fascia and even attic mold.

Rehanging or replacing gutters can cost between $7 - 11/linear foot as opposed to just $0.50 - $1/linear foot for gutter clean up. Replacement and repairs are costly tasks which are best avoided. To add insult to injury, it is not uncommon that fascias and other eve components must also be replaced during the process. Ice dams and freezing puddles around the home present risk of physical harm and are best avoided with proactive upkeep; even a seemingly minor clog in a downspout can impair the whole gutter systems function during heavy fall and spring rain storms in the Treasure Valley.

Regular gutter cleaning and even the potential use of high quality gutter guards is especially important in the tree-dense city of Boise; Tree City Window Cleaners is fully equipped to take this task off of your winter to-do list!

#2 Faucet and Hose Preparation

Throughout the warmer months, hoses tend to snake their way around our yards and garden beds as they serve their various purposes. During the exterior winterization process, it is prudent to ensure that all hoses are completely drained, rolled up and preferably stored in a shed or garage where they will be protected from the bitter nights. If you opt to store hoses on reels near their respective faucets, it is crucial that they are disconnected from the tap prior to the arrival of freezing temperatures to avoid bursting of both hoses and the pipes that supply water to them. Some homeowners may even opt for insulated faucet housings to avoid freezing.

Whichever practice suits you best, just keep in mind that this task should not be ignored and is perhaps one of the simplest winter preparation tasks of all!

#3 Sprinkler Blowouts

In-ground sprinkler systems are a convenient and expensive investment in your property. In many parts of the country, these systems are left unattended year round and only require minor maintenance and upkeep with regular use. When late fall hits the Treasure Valley, it is almost impossible to drive a full block without hearing the hissing of a sprinkler system as mist shoots from the stems.

Without a proper blowout, water that settles in the underground pipes of these systems will freeze, expand and predictably burst. As you can imagine, this can not only saddle you with the cost of a full system replacement, you may also have to go through the entire spring with your yard in disarray as repairs are made.

Many reputable lawncare companies in Boise offer this service at a reasonable rate, but make sure the person you hire is up to the task and will be using the proper equipment!

Stay ahead of the mess this year, give Tree City Window Cleaners a call today at 208-514-1841 or get an instant quote today!

By Joe Curet for Tree City Window Cleaners. January, 2022.


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