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Spring Home Maintenance Guide

Preventative Maintenance

As the days get longer and the weather warms up, it’s the perfect time of year to get a fresh start! Aside from mowing the lawn and pruning away shrubs for fresh growth, here are a few tips for getting your home in shape for the upcoming season!

Window Cleaning

One of the most affordable and satisfying home maintenance options to improve curb appeal is a quick window cleaning. In less than a few hours, your home can have a fresh look. Aside from a more clear view from inside the home, you’ll immediately notice the difference every time you pull into the driveway. Keeping up on at least annual window cleaning is a smart move as a homeowner wishing to maintain the value of their home as well. Hard water build up is unsightly and expensive to remedy once it’s set in; with regular cleaning, these stains can be easily combated.

House Washing

House washing is like a new breath of life for a dirty or dull home. Watching all the cobwebs and dust from over the years melt away under a soft, soapy wash is a relief. Followed up by a proper window cleaning, this is one way to “reset” your home for a fresh start. In addition to washing away pollutants, it’s not a bad idea to flush away abandoned pest-nests before they are inhabited again with the

coming hatch seasons.

Driveway Cleaning

After years of tires tracks and maybe some old oil stains, a proper surface cleaning is a great way to brighten up your driveway. Of course, the proper solutions and pressure levels are required to get the job done right, but once taken care of, this is just another way to make your property stand out a bit. We prefer to take an on-site look at your driveway cleaning ahead of your appointment, just to make sure we bring the proper equipment.

Tree City Window Cleaners can help with all of the services above and would be happy to provide a free quote today! Looking for other services that are outside of our service list? Feel free to give us a call; we know experienced and trusted professionals in fields ranging from lawn care to painting from around the Treasure Valley!


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